Soil Temperatures Important in the Georgia Vegetable Garden-A Guest Post by Sharon Dowdy

Georgia’s recent warm daytime temperatures have home gardeners itching to dig in the soil and plant summer crops. But University of Georgia experts warn gardeners not to be tempted. Soil temperatures are still far too low for seeds to germinate and transplants to survive.

Material to Compost

Source(s): Gary R Peiffer Everything of an organic nature will compost, but not everything belongs in your home compost pile. The following is a list of compostable materials: Food Other Apples and apple peels Cucumbers Algae (pond weeds) Leather waste and dust Artichoke leaves Egg shells (crushed) Apple pomace (cider … Read more

Plant A Fall Garden

Source(s): Robert R Westerfield, College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Extension Horticulturist So you didn’t get your vegetable garden planted this spring because you were busy or the ground was too wet? And you still want some fresh, tasty vegetables. Well, it’s not too late to plant a fall garden. … Read more