Seed Saving Resources for Agents

Ideas for seed saving workshops:

  • Demonstrate the procedure to clean tomato seeds (from the main Seed Saving PowerPoint) and have each participant set up their own jar.
  • Print out the Seed Saving Guide and have the participants plan a seed saving garden using recommended isolation distances.  How many different varieties could they grow while maintaining seed purity?
  • Show the Milkweed Seed PowerPoint (below) and have the group prepare milkweed seeds for stratification.
  • Use the resources as a series of workshops.  Workshop #1 Seed Saving PowerPoint; Workshop #2 Clean and ready tomato seeds; Workshop #3 Milkweed PowerPoint with Hands-on Seed Stratification
  • Use the resources as a hybrid virtual and hands-on workshop.  Show the Seed Saving PowerPoint and have the participants clean and ready tomato seeds or design a seed saving garden. Show the Milkweed Powerpoint and have participants stratify seeds on their own.  The group can always share photos of these projects.

Placed here will be links to the fantastic 4-H lessons that Chesley Davis has created.

These resources were creating as part of the Seed Saving in School, Community & Other Urban Gardens Initiative.  This is a joint venture between University of Georgia Extension and University of North Georgia and was funded by the Urban Ag’s Small Grants Program.  The team members are:

Becky Griffin UGA

Rosann Kent UNG

Chesley Davis UGA

Ashley Hoppers UGA

Clark MacAllister UGA

Jacob Willliams UGA