Community and School Gardening in Georgia

Helping Community and School Gardeners Succeed!

This gardening blog is put together by Becky Griffin, Extension Community and School Garden Coordinator. It is designed to help community and school gardeners succeed by connecting them to UGA Extension and other research-based resources.  Here you will also find links to school gardener teacher training events and information on the Pollinator Spaces Project and the 2017 Georgia Pollinator Census.

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Soil pH 101 for Georgia Gardeners

Next in our series of posts on soil health, we want to explore soil pH and its importance to garden food crops.  This involves remembering some of your high school chemistry so grab your cup of coffee to get the brain waves working. pH is the measure of hydrogen ion … Read more…

Soil Facts for Every Georgia Gardener

Experienced gardeners realize that the success of their gardens starts with healthy soil.  But, what does healthy soil really look like?  Here is a snapshot: Healthy soil is full of organisms Soil is not inert; it is full of living organisms that are important in the soil ecosystem.  Viruses, bacteria, … Read more…

Using Integrated Pest Management in Your Garden

The winter months are a great time to review your gardening approach.   Any particular pest plagued your garden this year?  How effective was your disease management?  This video describing an integrated pest management garden approach may give you some inspiration for planning your next crop: Happy Gardening!

Walk Georgia While in Your Garden

Walk Georgia is a free UGA Extension web-based program that encourages Georgians to get out and move. As gardeners we know all about moving (and bending and lifting and pulling…). Participants create an account and log their activity on the website. As you log activity you virtually travel through Georgia … Read more…

Being Thankful in the Garden

We asked a few people in the local food movement to tell us what they are thankful for during this Thanksgiving holiday.  Here is what they told us: Fred Conrad, the community garden coordinator for the Atlanta Community Food Bank, is well known throughout the metro Atlanta area.  You may … Read more…

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