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This gardening blog is put together by Becky Griffin, Extension Community and School Garden Coordinator. It is designed to help community and school gardeners succeed by connecting them to UGA Extension and other research-based resources.  Here you will also find links to school gardener teacher training events and information on the 2016 Pollinator Spaces Project.

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Being Thankful for Sweet Potato Pie

Pie Bar Woodstock, Georgia

Thanksgiving Tradition Thanksgiving dinner is about much more than the turkey – it is also about the pie! In time for Thanksgiving baking we are fortunate to have Lauren Bolden of Woodstock, Georgia’s Pie Bar share a family sweet potato pie recipe with us. The Pie Bar is a cute shop in downtown Woodstock that … Read more…

The Due West Elementary School Garden

Due West Main Sign

Recently I was privileged to visit the Due West Elementary School Garden in Cobb County, Georgia.  The garden program is coordinated by Ms. Rita Fullick, a UGA Extension Cobb Master Gardener.  She has been working with the program for four years and her enthusiasm is evident. Due West Elementary School currently has 640 students.  The … Read more…

Food Safety in the Georgia Community and School Gardens

Food Safety in the Georgia Community and School Garden

How much do you know? How much do you know about food safety in the garden?  In the heat of the summer do you immediately store your harvested produce in iced coolers?  Do you know the safe practices for using manure or compost in your garden?   How about sanitizing the containers you use to … Read more…

Sweet Potato Harvest Time in Georgia

Sweet Potato Harvest Time in Georgia

It is sweet potato (Ipomea batatas) harvest time in Georgia.  At this point your potatoes should have been growing for 90-120 days and you will want to harvest them just before frost. School gardeners sometimes use sweet potatoes as a way to keep their gardens productive, and relatively carefree, during the summer.  Harvest is a … Read more…

Ten Rules for Pesticide Use in Your Georgia Garden

Ten Rules for Pesticide Use in Your Georgia Garden

Using pesticides can be intimidating.  When using pesticides all gardeners want to get it right.  We want to eliminate the pest with little consequence to our plants, our health or the environment. UGA Extension partnered with Extension services from Alabama, North Carolina and Mississippi to create some helpful rules for pesticide applications. Dr. Ellen Bauske, … Read more…

Celebrate National Pizza Month With Pizza Herbs

Celebrate National Pizza Month With Pizza Herbs

October is National Pizza Month and gardeners can celebrate using pizza herbs from the garden.  October is the time to harvest those delicious herbs before first frost.  If you haven’t added herbs to your community or school garden, you should.  They are easy to grow and wonderful to use. Growing Pizza Herbs The pizza herbs … Read more…

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