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This gardening blog is put together by Becky Griffin, Extension Community and School Garden Coordinator. It is designed to help community and school gardeners succeed by connecting them to UGA Extension and other research-based resources.  Here you will also find links to school gardener teacher training events and information on the 2016 Pollinator Spaces Project.

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Agriculture is the original STEM program.  Science, Technology, Engineering and Math - all found in a garden.  Contact your local UGA Cooperative Extension Agent if you need assistance connecting your school garden to STEM!

Recent Gardening Blog Posts

July Gardening Chores for Your Georgia Garden


UGA’s Vegetable Garden Calendar gives us an idea of what we should be doing in our gardens in July. July’s Garden Chores Start planning the fall garden. Keep grass from going to seed. Fallow soil to conserve moisture for germination of fall crops and to help reduce the nematode population … Read more…

Avoid Heat Stress in the Georgia Community Garden


Summer heat can be dangerous, especially with the heat and humidity we are experiencing this summer.   We went to a professional to get tips on how to stay safe in a hot, humid Georgia garden. Millard Griffin is a Certified Safety Professional with Environmental Resources Management (ERM).  He has … Read more…

A Country of Gardening Immigrants


Happy 4th of July week!   I hope your celebration was a good one full of fresh Georgia tomatoes, onions, watermelons…. As we think about the birthday of our country and how Americans celebrate there is always some type of food involved.  And, depending on your cultural background it could … Read more…

They’re Back – Handling Japanese Beetles in Your Garden

Japanese Beetles 2

They are indeed back.  You have probably already seen Japanese Beetles (Popillia japonica) in your landscape.   They enjoy munching the leaves of roses, maple trees, cherry trees, peaches and grapes.  They actually are a pest to over 300 plant species.  A single beetle doesn’t do much damage.  Unfortunately once a … Read more…

National Pollinator Week 2016


It is National Pollinator Week 2016.  Events are going on all across the nation to draw attention to pollinators and pollinator health.  What are you doing to celebrate? We have been excited to see all of the pollinator gardens across Georgia that are being created as part of the Pollinator … Read more…

Corn Controversy in the Community Garden


To plant corn in your community garden plot or to NOT plant corn in your community garden plot? Fresh corn is one of the joys of summertime.  The serious corn connoisseur will have you boil the water first and then pick the ears to make sure corn flavor is at … Read more…

June Chores for Your Georgia Garden

Onion Willie

It is June, the official start of summer and a very busy time in the vegetable garden.  We have complied a list of chores to add to your list to keep your garden in peak condition.  According to UGA’s Vegetable Garden Calendar: Harvest vegetables such as beans, peas, squash, cucumbers … Read more…

Mosquitoes in Your Georgia Garden

Photo from Fairview Health

Are you especially concerned about mosquitoes this summer as you work in your garden?  Do you wonder how to care for your bird baths so that your birds are happy but you are not creating a breeding pond for mosquitoes?  We had the opportunity to talk with University of Georgia’s mosquito specialist, Elmer Gray, and asked him for some research-based mosquito information.

Read more…

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