July Gardening Chores for Your Georgia Garden

UGA’s Vegetable Garden Calendar gives us an idea of what we should be doing in our gardens in July. July’s Garden Chores Start planning the fall garden. Keep grass from going to seed. Fallow soil to conserve moisture for germination of fall crops and to help reduce the nematode population … Read more

Spring Greens for your Georgia Garden

Spring Greens for your Georgia Garden

Spring greens are fun to grow in the cool weeks before the heat of summer begins.  We have picked three favorites for you to try in your Georgia garden.  You will be glad you did: Arugula Arugula is a fast-growing green (about 40-45 days) that comes from the Mediterranean.  It … Read more

February Chores for Your Georgia Garden

February Chores for Your Georgia Garden

As we all wait patiently, or impatiently, for Spring there are things we can do this month to be ready.  This chore list was taken from UGA vegetable specialist Bob Westerfield’s Vegetable Garden Calendar. Indoor Chores This is the time to start your seedlings indoors.  Peppers and eggplants take about … Read more

The Tamper – A Great Gift for the Georgia Gardener

The Tamper - A Great Gift for the Georgia Gardener

The Garden Tamper It is gift-giving season and we want to share a useful gift that is easy to construct with scrap wood. We have mentioned using a tamper in several other blog posts.  It is a very useful tool to ensure good seed-to-soil contact when working with small seeds … Read more

Community and School Garden Resources

 Scroll down to find success in starting and maintaining your garden. For school gardeners – UGA’s School Garden Resource Website is a comprehensive site addressing the unique challenges facing school gardeners.  Included in the website are curriculum plans, grant opportunities for school gardens, and  tips from teachers.For 4-H leaders – … Read more

Healthy Life Community Garden – Local Food

With 21 percent of its population in poverty and limited access to public transportation, Spalding County, Georgia is an identified USDA Food Desert. In the spring of 2012, Griffin and Spalding County residents, along with local elected officials, contacted the Center expressing their interest in establishing a community garden. Spalding … Read more

A Beautiful and Edible Landscape-A Guest Post by Joshua Fuder

Herbs and shallots among evergreens and annuals.

During a vacation in France last year I had an awakening of sorts in terms of my philosophy on garden design and plant selection. A number of the gardens and public parks that we visited incorporated vegetables like Swiss chard and kale in with annual flower plantings. As an avid gardener and even more avid eater I wondered why I wouldn’t incorporate more vegetables and herbs into more traditional ornamental plantings. I’ve always appreciated the beauty of the edible plants but never considered their value in an ornamental sense.

Crop Rotation in the Georgia Community Garden

Crop rotation is a huge part of integrated pest management (IPM) in Georgia vegetable production. It is an inexpensive tool in disease and nematode management. Correctly using crop rotation can cut down on pesticide use and result in healthier plants. But how does that translate in a Georgia community garden plot?