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Georgia Certified Landscape Professional

Certification: Georgia Certified Landscape Professional

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Upcoming GCLP Certification Testing Dates:

Dec. 8, 2016 - GCLP Exam Review Session, EDGE Expo at Gwinnett Infinite Energy Center. 5-7pm.
Join UGA Training Coordinator and Landscape Architect Greg Huber on Thursday evening for a two hour review session of the written portions of the rigorous Georgia Certified Landscape Professional exam. The review session will highlight key principles of the study material and engage participants in practice exercises to help prepare for the four (4) written exam portions (General Knowledge, Plant ID, Pest ID, Plan Take-Off) administered the following day at Gwinnett Technical College. The review session is open to all registered EDGE Expo attendees. Exam registration is separate, CLICK HERE to register online or contact Tami Boyle at the UGA Center for Urban Agriculture at tadams@uga.edu / 770-233-6107. Registration closes Dec. 4th.

Dec. 9, 2016 - GCLP Written Exams, Gwinnett Technical College. 8am-12:30pm.
The four (4) written exam sections of the Georgia Certified Landscape Professional (General Knowledge, Plant ID, Pest ID, Plan Take-Off) will be offered at the Gwinnett Technical College Facility. (The eight (8) hands-on sections will NOT be offered at this event and are scheduled for a separate testing event in spring 2017.) To register for the written exams, CLICK HERE or contact Tami Boyle at tadams@uga.edu / 770-233-6107. Registration closes Dec. 4th.

The 2017 Exam Schedule is under development and will soon be released.

Please contact Tami Boyle at tadams@uga.edu or call 770-233-6107 if you would like to receive a personal notification when the schedule becomes available.  

What is the Georgia Certified Landscape Professional Program?

The Georgia Certified Landscape Professional (GCLP) program is a voluntary testing program that certifies those in the landscape profession who have mastered a thorough knowledge and understanding of job skills required to be successful in the industry.

The certification test consists of four written components and eight hands-on components. Applicants are provided a 400+ page printed study manual and access to the internet study site developed by the Georgia Center for Urban Agriculture.

The GCLP program  is endorsed by the Georgia Green Industry Association, the Georgia Urban Ag Council, and officially recognizd by the Georgia Department of Agriculture.

Written exam components include:

  1. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE EXAM (90 min.) - A comprehensive 100 question multiple-choice test based on the study manual.
  2. PLAN TAKE-OFF (60min.) - A plan reading skills test that requires participants to read and interpret a landscape plan, to answer questions pertaining to the plan, and to make calculations, such as square foot areas, plant quantities per area, etc.
  3. PEST & DISORDER EXAM (45 min.) - A test on common pest, disease, and environmental problems. Participants must identify 25 samples (photos or actual specimens).
  4. PLANT IDENTIFICATION (45 min.) - A plant identification test that requires participants to identify (50) fifty plant samples from a list of over 270 provided. Actual samples of trees, shrubs, vines, ground covers, herbaceous perennials, annuals, weeds and turfgrasses will be placed on tables for ID.

General Summary of the (8) Hands-on evaluations:

(#1 of 8) PLAN LAYOUT (30 min.) The plan layout component of the hands-on practicum requires examinees to accurately read and interpret a landscape plan.  Using the landscape plan provided, participants shall accurately measure from the drawing and place plant materials (bedlines, trees, shrubs, groundcovers) on the ground accordingly.  Participants shall demonstrate proper handling of plant materials, accurate location, spacing, and orientation of plant materials.

(#2 of 8) TREE PLANTING AND STAKING (15 min.) Examinees shall demonstrate knowledge and application of proper tree planting and staking techniques. Participants will be provided with a tree, staking kit, shovel, rake, mini-sledge, and mulch. Using the proper PPE, examinees shall dig the proper planting hole for the tree provided (the soil in the planting area will be loosened by the judge prior to the exam to expedite the process).

(#3 of 8) GRADING AND DRAINAGE (30 min.) Examinees shall demonstrate the ability to read and interpret a topographic contour map and grading plan.  Participants will be provided with a grading plan showing proposed contour lines, four spot elevations (marked A,B,C,D), and a proposed drain location (E).  First, participants must accurately measure the locations of the five spot elevations on the grading plan and field locate five rebar pins/stakes in the ground to represent the spot elevations. Next, participants will indicate the proposed grading elevation on each rebar pin/stake using a clothespin.

(#4 of 8) PRUNING (30 min.) This component of the exam requires participants to demonstrate a thorough understanding of the principles, tools, timing, and techniques used in pruning. Examinees will demonstrate how and where to make proper cuts, discuss the appropriate selection and use of tools, explain how to properly remove a large limb, and describe the difference between heading cuts and thinning cuts. Participants will also be asked about timing factors, formal and informal pruning techniques, and the pruning of selected plants such as conifers, junipers, azaleas, etc.

(#5 of 8) SOD INSTALLATION (15 min.) The sod component evaluates the examinees knowledge of proper site preparation, installation, and post care of a sod installation.  During the installation demonstration, examinees must demonstrate the proper use of PPE, proper handling of sod, cutting and trimming, staggering joints, and tight placement between sod strips, and sod placement on slopes. 

(#6 of 8) IRRIGATION (30 min.) For the irrigation component, examinees will be asked to adjust a Hunter rain click sensor, discuss nozzle selection to achieve a matched precipitation rate for the Hunter I-20 rotor, identify components of a low volume drip system, identify the parts of an electric control valve, and how to install and adjust a single stream rotor for direction and throw.

(#7 of 8) PESTICIDE APPLICATION AND SAFETY (15 min.) The pesticide application component of the exam requires participants to demonstrate a general knowledge and understanding of pesticide selection, safety, and use in the landscape. Examinees will be asked about the licensing requirements for legally applying pesticides in the landscape. Participants will be provided with a variety of pesticide labeling and asked to select the most appropriate product for a given scenario. Participants shall demonstrate the ability to read and interpret pesticide labeling to determine proper safety equipment, mixing rates, timing, and application procedures. Participants shall also discuss the proper disposal of pesticides.

(#8 of 8) EQUIPMENT OPERATION AND SAFETY (15 min.) This component of the exam evaluates the participant's knowledge and understanding of the safe operation and care of common landscape equipment. Participants will be asked to discuss basic equipment care and explain the different oil and fuel requirements for two stroke and four stroke engines. Participants shall conduct and narrate a general safety inspection on a given piece of equipment. Examinees shall also discuss personal protective equipment, site inspection, and give examples of dangerous practices or hazardous scenarios regarding equipment use.


The written and hands-on exams are offered at least twice a year.

15 hours of Continuing Education Units are required every three years to maintain certification.

For information about testing dates and locations and testing fees, contact Tami Boyle with the Georgia Center for Urban Agriculture at 770-233-6107; e-mail tadams@uga.edu

Georgia Certified Plant Professional

Certification: Georgia Certified Plant ProfessionalApply for certification or re-test: Print and Mail or Apply Online.

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Upcoming Certification Testing Dates:

Jan. 27th 2017 - GCPP Exam, Wintergreen Event at the Gwinnett Infinite Energy Center
Get certified as a Georgia Certified Plant Professional.  The certification exam is a two-part test consisting of a written portion and plant ID section.  To register, CLICK HERE or contact Tami Boyle at tadams@uga.edu / 770-233-6107.  Registration closes January 22nd at 5:00 p.m.

What is the Georgia Certified Plant Professional Program?

The Georgia Certified Plant Professional exam consists of a written exam and a plant identification exam. The written test is based on a study manual available through the UGA Center for Urban Agriculture and features 100 multiple-choice questions. To pass the written exam, you must answer 70 questions correctly. The second portion of the exam is plant identification. You will observe 100 plant specimens from which you must correctly identify 70 specimens. The plant list provided in the manual names all the possible specimens, which might be included in the test.

When Is The Test Given?

The exam is given twice per year.

How Do I Register?

It's easy! Simply complete the Test Application form (Print and Mail) and return it with your payment to the UGA Center for Urban Agriculture at 1109 Experiment St., Griffin, GA 30223


complete an Online Application with a credit card on a secure UGA website.

How Much Does It Cost?

The registration fee of $165 includes a printed study manual and access to online resources. Your manual will be sent to you at the address on your application. Personal checks take about two weeks to clear the banking process; therefore, your shipment will not be mailed until 10 working days have passed.  For faster processing please consider our secure website.

How Do I Know If I Passed?

Test results (raw scores) are emailed to you within 10 working days from the test date.  Score may also be sent to your employer upon request.

What If I Don't Pass Everything?

If you pass one portion of the exam, you do not have to repeat that portion as long as you attempt to retake the portion you did not pass within one year from the initial test date. You must register to retake the exam. The re-test fee is $45 per attempt.

What If I Can't Take The Test On The Date I Registered?

Just notify Tami Boyle at tadams@uga.edu or 770-233-6107 and we will shift your test date to the next opportunity.

What Do I Need To Bring To The Exam?

You need to bring a clipboard and two #2 pencils. You will be provided with answer sheets. You should dress comfortably and arrive at least 30 minutes before the exam is scheduled to begin.


SuperCrew: Employee Training for Landscape Professionals

SuperCrew Training Series

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What is SuperCrew?

The SuperCrew series brings professional training to your location at your convenience.  It was developed in cooperation with industry leaders and endorsed by professional organizations.

For your convenience there are two ways to view the material.

  • Online viewing, which includes an opportunity to receive a Certificate of Completion after successfully completing the 10 online quizzes -or-
  • Purchase of the 10 DVD Training Series without the option for quizzes or a Certificate.