Center Technology: Meeting Industry, Extension, and Consumer Needs

The Center website houses hundreds of convenient, curated, and easily searchable articles covering an expansive list of landscape, garden, and pest topics.

Businesses can access rainy day – any day training.

Urban Ag professionals can:

  • Register on-line for Green Team workshops.
  • Register and order study materials for the Georgia Certified Landscape Professional and Georgia Certified Plant Professional programs.
  • Sharpen their skills with on-line galleries and quizzes.
  • Prepare for exams with the easy-to-use on-line platforms.
  • Access SuperCrew and bilingual landscape safety training program videos, study guides, and evaluations.

Extension agents can access resources to assist in county program efforts. Available on the Center website are presentations covering hundreds of topics. Ready-to-go programs in turfgrass training, water, IPM and other topics; links to time saving guides and relevant newsletters; and source material for newsletter/newspaper articles are made available for agent use.

Center development prowess has contributed to many projects.

  • GardenPro uses QR tags in stores to provide accurate and concise information for shoppers and connects them to their local Extension office.
  • GardenSource helps users identify insect resistant plants.
  • The Center iPad lab (over 40 iPads, traveling hotspot, and ProScope mobile microscope) have been used to train agents, take field data, test certification applicants, and orient new faculty.
  • Center wikis organize training programs and coordinate activities.
  • Center websites support and facilitate national meetings, many special projects, and house training programs.

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