Using Integrated Pest Management in Your Garden


The winter months are a great time to review your gardening approach.   Any particular pest plagued your garden this year?  How effective was your disease management?  This video describing an integrated pest management garden approach may give you some inspiration for planning your next crop: Happy Gardening!

Walk Georgia While in Your Garden


Walk Georgia is a free UGA Extension web-based program that encourages Georgians to get out and move. As gardeners we know all about moving (and bending and lifting and pulling…). Participants create an account and log their activity on the website. As you log activity you virtually travel through Georgia … Read more…

Being Thankful in the Garden


We asked a few people in the local food movement to tell us what they are thankful for during this Thanksgiving holiday.  Here is what they told us: Fred Conrad, the community garden coordinator for the Atlanta Community Food Bank, is well known throughout the metro Atlanta area.  You may … Read more…

Drought Response Level 2: Outdoor Watering Information


Prolonged dry weather has prompted an elevated drought response for northwest Georgia. Effective November 17, 2016, fifty-two counties have entered a drought response level 2 and fifty-eight counties are exercising a drought response level 1.  Rainfall has been scarce since August and water conservation is the banner message.  The Georgia Water … Read more…

Pollinator Spaces Project Update


This year we have encouraged community and school gardens all across Georgia to add pollinator habitat to their gardens.  The Pollinator Spaces Project website provides information to help gardeners learn about pollinator health and to create beautiful pollinator spaces.  Local UGA Cooperative Extension agents have been hosting pollinator workshops during the year. … Read more…

The Truth About Organic Gardening


This week we are fortunate to have Tim Daly as a guest blogger.  Tim is a UGA Cooperative Extension agent for Gwinnett County, Georgia.  Those of you work in community gardens in Gwinnett probably already know Tim.  We are excited he is available to clear up any confusion about organic … Read more…

A Rough End to the Season for Warm-season Turfgrasses


The lack of rainfall in the second half of the growing season has hindered the production and storage of energy that normally takes place in warm-season turfgrasses from late summer through fall.  In effect, warm-season turfgrasses could enter winter dormancy with depleted carbohydrate reserves.  Dr. Clint Waltz, Extension Turfgrass Specialist with the … Read more…

Orange Bulldog Pumpkins to the Rescue


Do you want to grow beautiful orange pumpkins for Halloween?  But, after years of seeing your crop succumb to disease you have become discouraged.  And, after learning that most of the pumpkins you see for sale at church pumpkin patches are grown in New Mexico (think LOW humidity), you have … Read more…

Don’t Leave a Weedy Mess!


Many community gardeners don’t take advantage of our Georgia winters and finish their garden as the temperatures get cool.  As you get ready for the garden break, don’t leave a weedy mess! A garden plot left full of weeds is not just an eyesore that is unfair to your fellow … Read more…

October Chores for Your Georgia Garden


The checklist for October gardening chores according to UGA’s Vegetable Garden Calendar: October Garden Chores Choose the mild weather during this period to plant or transplant the following: beets, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, collards, lettuce, mustard, onions, radishes, spinach and turnips. Plant your second planting of fall crops such as collards, … Read more…