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For school gardeners - UGA's School Garden Resource Website is a comprehensive site addressing the unique challenges facing school gardeners.  Included in the website are curriculum plans, grant opportunities for school gardens, and  tips from teachers.

For 4-H leaders - 4-H lessons specifically created for use in 4-H clubs with school or community gardens are available.  Email Becky Griffin at for more information.

Your local UGA Cooperative Extension Agent is your best resource!

It is soon indoor seed starting time in Georgia.  What you are planting?

Starting Your Community Garden

Maintaining Your Community Garden

Advanced Community Gardening

Other Resources

How to Start a Community Garden:  Getting People Involved

A team of committed people is essential to a community garden's success

Siting a Garden

Picking the best location for your garden

Planning an Edible Garden

A helpful guide to getting your garden started

Soil Testing

Soil test results include a nutrient profile of your soil and soil pH

Sources of Water for the Garden

Securing a water source for your garden is extremely important

Raised Beds vs. In-Ground Gardens

The pros and cons of each growing system

Raised Bed Dimensions

Helpful information to help you construct your raised beds

Vegetable Planting Chart

Includes vegetable planting dates and recommended plant varieties

Georgia Organic's Planting Chart

A printable one page reference

Georgia Weather Network

Find detailed weather from around the state, including soil temperatures.

Growing Fruits

Fruits can be a nice, perennial part of your garden


Water needs of plants and irrigation systems

Less Expensive Sources of Plant Material, Amendments and Tools

Creative ways to save money in the garden

Weed Control

Weeds are the number one horticultural problem in the garden

Garden Sheds

Having a shed on-site can be a convienent addition to your garden

Stock the Toolshed:  Hand Tools

Having the right tools makes gardening chores easier

Garden Fencing

Fencing can be important for security or to keep out deer

Preparing for Your Fall Garden Video

UGA's Charlotte Meeks discusses getting your garden ready for Fall

Atlanta Regional Commission Community Garden Manual

Includes sample forms and checklists of interest

University of Missouri's Community Gardening Toolkit

A resource for planning, enhancing, and sustaining your community garden project

Pollination of Vegetable Crops

Understanding the basics of pollination can help increase vegetable yield

Beneficial Insects, Spiders and Mites in the Southeast

Learn the difference between the helpful and destructive insects

Troubleshooting Vegetable Production Problems

Common vegetable problems

Growing Vegetables Organically

Describes an overall organic growing plan

Using Cover Crops

An efficient alternative to abandoning your garden in the winter

Video about Tomato Blossom End Rot

Detailed photos showing a common tomato problem

Extending the Crop Season

Make the most of each growing season

IPM for Vegetable Gardening Video

Integrated pest managment approach to gardening

Garden Composting

Composting can be a terrific addition to your garden

Enhancing the Safety of Locally Grown Produce - On the Farm

An Extension Campus free on-line course covering food safety


Urban Gardening:  Assessing Soils for Contamination

Soil contamination of urban soils with heavy metals can be a concern.

Earthworm Facts!

Earthworms are a sign of healthy soil.


Community and School Gardening Blog

Research-based information

Publishes weekly 

UGA Community and School Gardens Facebook Page 

Updates several times a week

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Periodic updates

American Community Garden Association

Working in the United States and Canada to promote community gardens

Georgia Organics

Promotes and provides training for community gardens

Food Well Alliance

Involved in the local food movement in metro Atlanta