The Rains and Unusual Weather of December 2015

The conclusion of 2015 marked one of the soggiest Decembers on record with many areas of the state receiving in excess of 13 inches for the month (roughly 20% of the annual rainfall.) In addition, high temperatures hovered in the mid 70’s for much of December leaving Bermuda lawns green and irises, roses, magnolias, and azaleas blooming.  Perpetual rainfall kept soils waterlogged for an extended period of time and many folks ended the season wondering how the unusual weather might affect their gardens.

Total Precipitation – December 20152014

University of Georgia Automated Environmental Monitoring Network

Average Daily Temperatures – December 20152014
Avg. Max. Temp. (°F)Avg. Min. Temp. (°F)Avg. Max. Temp. (°F)Avg. Min. Temp. (°F)

University of Georgia Automated Environmental Monitoring Network

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