New Year’s Resolutions in the Georgia Garden

Happy-New-Year-Linux-Fans-413000-2At this time of the year it is customary to reflect on the old and think about making the new better.  In the context of your community garden, what is your New Year’s Resolution?  Would you like to see more community involvement?  How about improving the common areas of the garden?  Or, maybe you want to try and grow something you have never tried before.

Whatever your thoughts, take action to make them happen.  The resources are out there to help you.  Make effort to attend a class given by your local UGA Extension office.  (Periodically visit the Events Page of this blog for ideas). Or, visit your local Extension office to get some ideas on what to plant and how to preserve it.  Comment on this blog to exchange tips with us, and other gardeners.  Visit some other gardens for inspiration.  The possibilities for a plentiful harvest in 2015 are endless!

Happy New Year!

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