Planning Your Georgia Fall Garden

Although we are in the middle of a hot summer it is time to think about your fall garden.   We have put together a list of “tried and true” cultivars of cool-season vegetables.  These recommendations come from UGA’s Vegetable Planting Chart.  The transplants or seeds should be easy to find at your local feed-and-seed store or easy to order from seed catalogs.

Fall Gardening in Georgia
Broccoli in the Garden

BroccoliMarathon, Packman, Patriot, Premium Crop, Bravo, Decathion

CabbageBlue Dynasty, Bravo, Early Round Dutch, Rio Verde, Green Jewel

CarrotChantenay, Scarlet Nantes, Sweetbites, Sweet Delight

CauliflowerAbsolute, Early Snowball, Graffiti (purple), White Magic, Symphony

Collard GreensBlue Max, Georgia Southern, Hevi-Crop

KaleVates, Dwarf Siberian, Blue Armor, Blue Knight

Fall Gardening in Georgia
Lettuce in Raised Beds

LettuceButterhead, Romaine, Buttercrunch

Mustard GreensFlorida Broadleaf, Southern Giant Curled, Red Giant, Savannah

Onion, GreenWhite Portugal

Onion, Dry BulbBurgundy, Excel, Grano, Red Creole, Savannah Sweet

RadishCherry Bell, Scarlet Globe, Champion

SpinachMelody, Winter Bloomsdale

This is not an exclusive list of what will grow well in Georgia but a good list to start with.  If you have had great luck with other cultivars, please let us know.  It is always fun to see what others are growing successfully.  Your local UGA Extension office is full of Master Gardener volunteers who have fun trying new things; find out what they are growing!

Happy Fall Gardening!

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6 thoughts on “Planning Your Georgia Fall Garden”

  1. Hi there, I would like to thank you for this article it is has great information on starting my fall Garden. I decided to grow green onions, and dinosaur Kale.
    My kale is growing fine and the onions are following suit.

  2. Grandson just now got a school assignment to build a garden box and plant something. We have the box,however cannot find plants in Rincon GA area.any suggestions what to plant?


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