Additions to Your Pollinator Habitat

Once you have your plants in place consider adding some habitat enhancements.  Adding a simple flat rock in your garden gives butterflies an area to warm their wings.  Insects need water, too.   If you use a birdbath make sure you add a rock or pebbles so the insects can easily wade down to the water without drowning. 


Creating a Butterfly Puddle with Walter Reeves

How to Build a Hotel for Bees by Tom Oder of Mother Nature Network

Building a Bee Home by National Wildlife Foundation

For teachers:  Lesson Plans using your new pollinator space.

Once your habitat is complete, send photos of your garden to Becky Griffin at or post them to our UGA Community and School Gardens Facebook page.  You will receive a special Pollinator Spaces Project certificate.

You might want to consider having your habitat certified in the Pollinator Habitat Certification Program or listed in the Rosalynn Carter Butterfly Trail.

If you live in the Atlanta area you may want to map your garden at the Greater Atlanta Pollinator Partnership website.  So many ways to promote pollinator gardens!