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Wednesdays at 11 am2015 Professional Webinars
Jan. 7th

Sustainable Turfgrass

Clint Waltz, PhD., UGA Turfgrass Specialist

Feb. 4th

Effects of Phenoxy Herbicides on Landscape Trees and Shrubs

Paul Pugliese, UGA Extension

March 4th

Summer Container Gardens

Jenny Hardgrave, Simply Flowers

April 8th

Insect Update

Kris Braman, PhD., UGA Entomolgist

Aug. 5th

Pruning Mature Trees in the Landscape

Gary Peiffer, UGA Extension

Sept. 2nd

Diseases in the Landscape Update

Elizabeth Little, PhD., UGA Plant Pathologist

Oct 7th

Athens Trial Garden

John Ruter, PhD., UGA Horticulture

Nov. 4th

Research Update

Mark Czarnota, PhD., UGA Horticulture

Dec. 2nd

Small Fruits in the Landscape

Rachel Itle, PhD., UGA Horticulture


 2014 Archive
Jan. 15th

Landscape Design Basics for Professionals

Brad Davis, PhD., Assoc. Professor, UGA College of the Environment & Design

Feb. 5th

Environmentally Minded Landscapes

Bodie Pennisi, PhD., UGA Horticulture

March 5th

The Benefits of Proper Calibration, Mixing, & Application on Turf

Clint Waltz, PhD. UGA

April 2ndRescheduled  for Nov. 5th
August 13th

Award Winning Landscape Designs

Mary Kay Woodworth, Exec. Director, Urban Ag Council

Sept. 3rd.

Inviting Insect Friends not Foes to your Landscape

Kris Braman, PhD., UGA Entomology

Oct. 1st

New Plants

John Ruter, PhD. UGA Horticulture

NOTE:  Due to technical difficulties we were unable to archive Dr. Ruter's presentation.

Nov. 5th

Plant Diagnositcs - Nutrition

Matthew Chappell, PhD., UGA Horticulture

Dec. 3rd

Advice for Professional Care of Fruit Bearing Plants in the Landscape

Bob Westerfield, UGA Horticulture


2013 Archives
Jan. 8th

Pruning with the Pros

Rick Smith, The Pruning Guru, Inc.

Feb. 15th

Spring Transition Considerations in Turf

Clint Waltz, PhD. UGA Extension Turfgrass Specialist

March 12th$$$ Start up to a Million Dollars  $$$

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Jenny Hardgrave, Simply Flowers, Inc.

April 9th

Exciting New Research in Horticulture

Matthew Chappell, PhD., UGA Horticulture Specialist

Aug. 13th

Perennials 101

Bodie Pennisi, PhD., UGA Horticulture Specialist

Sept. 10th

A Landscape Architect’s view on using natives and avoiding invasive plants in the landscape

Steve Sanchez, HGOR Landscape Architects

Oct. 8th

Opening the Door on Landscape Business Profits; Five Keys to Success

Scott Reinblatt, Big Blue Sky Landscaping, Inc.

Nov. 12th

Weed Control Topics For Professional Landscapers

Mark Czarnota, PhD., UGA Horticulture

Dec. 10th

Can Soil Amendments Reduce Irrigation of Landscape Beds?

Tim Smalley, PhD. UGA Horticulture


2012 Archived Sessions
Jan. 10th

Rejuvination Pruning, Making the Tough Cuts

Rick Smith, The Pruning Guru, Inc.

Feb. 7th

Pesticide Applicator Resources Every Landscaper Should Know

Willie Chance, Outreach Coordinator, UGA Center for Urban Ag

March 6th

Bulletproof Annuals for Georgia


Jenny Hardgrave, Simply Flowers, Inc.

April 3rd

Cultivating Success, How to get your Staff Motivated

Jeff McManus, Director of Landscape Services, Ole Miss University

Aug. 7th

Landscape Irrigation, Every Drop Counts

Russ Prophit, CID, CIC, CLIA, CLWM

Irrigation & Water Management Director with the Brickman Group

Sept. 4th

Sustainable Turfgrass Practices for the Educated Consumer

Becky Griffin, UGA Turfgrass Extension Associate

Oct. 2nd"Disease Management in Winter Annual Flowering Beds”
Jean Williams-Woodward, PhD., UGA Extension Plant Pathologist
Nov. 20thUnder the Scope with Dr. Braman; Advanced Ornamental Insect Id and Control, Dr. Kris Braman, UGA Entomologist
Dec. 4th

New  Ornamentals for Georgia

John Ruter, PhD. UGA Horticulture



 2011 Archived Sessions
March 15thPruning Tips for Professionals
Rick Smith, The Pruning Guru, LLC
April 5thDo’s and Don’ts of Color Beds
Bodie Pennisi, PhD., UGA Horticulture
May 10th“Building a Business Page in Facebook”
Geri Laufer, Horticulturist & Social Media Consultant
June 7thTurf Apps to make your phone “Smart”
Patrick McCullough, PhD., UGA Crops and Soils
July 12thDamage to Detection, Ornamental Insect Identification
Kris Braman, PhD. UGA Entomology
August 2ndTop 25 Weeds in the Landscape & How to Control Them
Mark Czarnota, PhD., UGA Horticulture
September 6thGetting Ready for Winter Color
Jenny Hardgrave, Simply Flowers, Inc.
October 4thAsk Extension
Agents and Specialists Answer Your Commercial Landscape Questions
November 1stSpanish Language & Culture for Landscape Managers
Rolando Orellana, UGA Center for Urban Agriculture
December 6thUnderstanding Pansy Fertilization
Paul Thomas, PhD., UGA Horticulture