Mummy Berry in Community Garden Blueberries

Mummy Berry is a disease that can be controlled easily by home gardeners.

You probably have seen them and not given them much notice, growing among  your blueberry fruits. They look like something just went wrong in fruit development.   These are mummy berries and they are actually part of a fungal pathogen, Monilinia vaccine-corymobosi.  This is a blueberry disease! Mummy berries are … Read more

Ten Rules for Pesticide Use in Your Georgia Garden

Using pesticides can be intimidating.  When using pesticides all gardeners want to get it right.  We want to eliminate the pest with little consequence to our plants, our health or the environment. UGA Extension partnered with Extension services from Alabama, North Carolina and Mississippi to create some helpful rules for … Read more

Crop Rotation in the Georgia Community Garden

Crop rotation is a huge part of integrated pest management (IPM) in Georgia vegetable production. It is an inexpensive tool in disease and nematode management. Correctly using crop rotation can cut down on pesticide use and result in healthier plants. But how does that translate in a Georgia community garden plot?