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Aug/Sept Insect Management Calendar

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Information supplied by Kris Braman & Will Hudson, UGA Entomology Department
Become familiar with these pests that you may see during August and September. Notify homeowners when you find damaging levels of insects or mites.
Click on the insect names to find resources that help identify & manage these pests. Notesafter the insect’s name explain what you should do for each insect.
This publication offers help to manage landscape pests.

April is the Time for Tea (Scale Control)

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Willie Chance, UGA Center for Urban Agriculture
Original Source: 
Kris Braman, Professor, UGA Entomology Department

Tea scale is the most serious insect pest of flowering camellias. Tea scale also attacks hollies, citrus and the tea plant (Camellia sinensis) as well as a few other plants.

Last Call for Winter Jobs

Spring is almost here - ready or not. And this is the last call for many winter garden jobs. Try to do these chores as soon as possible, before your plants really start growing.
    Photo: Tea Scale

Control scale insects on branches of shrubs and trees with a dormant oil spray.

Tea Scale

Tea scale is serious pest of camellias and certain other ornamental plants in Georgia. Scale insects pierce plant tissues and suck out juices which reduces the vitality of the plants. Heavy infestations result in unsightly plants, fewer and smaller blooms, twig dieback and possible plant death.

       Tea Scale on Camellia

Cycad Aulacaspis Scale

The Sago Palm has long been considered one of those perfect, easy-to-maintain plants for modern landscapes. Known as the Sago Palm, King Sago or Cycad, Cycas revoluta was one of the most abundant plants on earth during the days of the dinosaur – and it has changed little in appearance over the past 250 million years.