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Nuts and Bolts of Water Gardening

Location, Location, Location. No, this is not about Real Estate. Planning and site selection are the most important steps in building a water garden. Poor planning causes many of the problems of installing and maintaining a water garden. Before you put a shovel in the ground know what you want to create.

Tree Protection: During Construction and Landscaping Activities

Construction and landscape activities can have a negative impact on existing trees but the damage is often not visible for several years. This factsheet will discuss how to work with building contractors, landscape professionals and property owners to achieve successful tree saves and minimize expensive post construction tree removals.

Summer Landscape Chores

The summer heat makes it difficult to work outside for long. But some chores in your landscape need to be addressed to keep your plants attractive and healthy.

Probably the most critical detail right now is the effect of this summer's recent record heat. Many plants can suffer from extended hot, dry conditions.

Allowing plants to get to the wilting point before watering may cause irreversible damage to some varieties, especially shallow-rooted annuals and perennials.

If water restrictions allow, give these plants a drink at night; or better, early in the morning to avoid the hottest part of the day and the greatest amount of evaporation.

Don't forget to water your most prized trees as well. It's easy to replace a $3 annual flower, but nearly impossible to restore a 50-year-old oak.


We are familiar with the saying, “Everyone talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it.” Weather includes temperature, radiation, light, precipitation, fog, humidity, and wind. Surprisingly, we can modify some of these factors.

Construction Damage In Your Landscape

Construction damage to plants on a home site is common. In many cases it is an unavoidable consequence of building a home. In other cases, the damage could have been avoided with just a few precautions. The best time to control construction damage is before it occurs. Unfortunately, few of us are afforded that luxury. By the time we see a home and decide to buy it, the damage, much of which may be unseen, has occurred.

What You Don't See

Sneezeless Landscaping

About one out of five persons suffers from allergies, many of them plant related. Flowers, trees and lawn grasses in our backyards product billions of pollen grains each spring. Georgia's pollen season is at its peak in mid- April, receding in mid-May, and resurfacing in mid-August.  

Common Lawn and Garden Terms

Some of the most commonly-used lawn, landscaping and garden terms include:

Annual - a plant that grows, blooms, produces seed or fruit and dies in one year or less.

Biennial - a plant that grows and establishes itself the first season, then blooms, produces seed and dies the second season.

Broadcast - a product that is distributed over a large area of space.

Compost - decomposed organic matter, used to enrich the soil and improve drainage and aeration.