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fire ants

Fall is a good time to control fire ants!

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Sarah Lewis, student writer with the UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Fire Ant Mound by Jake Farnum, Bugwood.orgFall is time to fight fire ants, says a University of Georgia entomologist. “April and September are good times to apply baits, once at the start of the season and toward the end to help control before they come back in the spring,” said Will Hudson, a professor with the UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.

Aug/Sept Insect Management Calendar

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Information supplied by Kris Braman & Will Hudson, UGA Entomology Department
Become familiar with these pests that you may see during August and September. Notify homeowners when you find damaging levels of insects or mites.
Click on the insect names to find resources that help identify & manage these pests. Notesafter the insect’s name explain what you should do for each insect.
This publication offers help to manage landscape pests.